Greystone’s unique range of products are designed to save you time and effort with property maintenance.

“Say goodbye to your wheelbarrow today!”

Greystone Vacuums – Proudly Australian owned and designed. Exporting worldwide since 2005.

Hear what Steffen Peters has to say about Greystone Vacuums…

“We love the simplicity of it, and it is so easy to use!”

Greystone Manure Vacuums

Great for horses, alpacas, chickens, orchards, leaf collection and cleaning jobs. Can be used in all conditions unlike drive over machines that can leave harmful residual behind.

Greystone Arena Rakes

Our range of Arena Rakes make light work of arena maintenance – remove edge build up with ease, level & aerate at the same time. No heavy lifting simply tow to & from your arena.

Greystone Travel Fences

Travel Fence attaches to your float permanently to give your horse a temporary corral while you travel. Lightweight unlike steel gates and erects in minutes.

Pasture Drag

Our Pasture Drag 1500mm is designed to break up manure into smaller pieces that can then be broken down by the elements. Easy to release harrow bars wind back into the trailer for easy storage.