I live in Alberta, Canada and am a 56 year young woman who decided to purchase a Maxivac after 7 years of cleaning my pastures with a pitch fork and trailer. One sunny day I was busy cleaning my pasture and all of a sudden turned and my back went out!  In retrospect, it was the best thing that could of happened because that’s when I decided to look at a different way to do things.  I had tried an attachment that you dragged behind the ATV which was suppose to pick it up but it didn’t work very well especially in the long grass.  I took a leap of faith after researching your product and reading multiple reviews both on and off your website.  Three words come to mind after having used the Maxivac,,, AMAZING, TIME SAVING, VERSATILE!!!  This product delivers on every word it says!  What use to take me a day is done in an hour, freeing up time for me to do other things, like riding.  I used it in long grass, short grass, with fresh manure, old manure and none of it presented a problem.  I used it to suck out my water troughs which made cleaning them a breeze!  I pick up old hay with it to clean up an area and again no problem. I even used it to pick up apples from my apple tree that had fallen and were not going to be used!  It a well put together product, it looks good, it’s easy to use, comes with great instructions on the use of the Honda motor.  Thank you for being a company that delivers on it’s promise!  I’ve been telling everyone I know and my husband is sold on it as well!!