My Greystone paddock vac has been the best thing I have bought for my horses. Where I was spending 2 hours hand raking and pulling a barrow up a hill I can now do the same amount in ½ hour. It is fantastic on hilly terrain. I now have more time enjoying my horses. Thank you so much for a great machine that starts first go always.

Many thanks


“I can’t tell you how much my wife has been raving about it, does an absolutely fantastic job, leaves very little residue if any, unlike picking it up by shovel which seems to smear alot of pooh into the grass. The horses eat everything now leaving no patches where their pooh has been.”
Alot quicker too!!!



What can I say ? Thank you soooooo much for getting the vac for Tony. I am absolutely over the moon. There is nothing else in this life that I need.
The vac was the cherry on top.
I can honestly say that I have never had so much fun picking up horse shit in my life. I was catching flies in my teeth I was smiling that much.
It’s amazing what makes us happy these days. Ain’t old age grand.
Thank you so much again

Shelli (No 1 Pooper Scooper)

We received our Maxi Vac just over a week ago and have found it wonderful.
The power surge is remarkable as I swallow up old and new horse manure.
The Honda engine has not missed a beat and is just so easy to start.
My horses have never been happier on our pasture and we have wonderful fertilizer for our vegetable garden.
We intend to purchase another Maxi Vac for our son who has two horses in the next week.

Kind regards,

Marion and Bill

Thank you for all your assistance in convincing my husband on the virtues of owning our very own paddock vac.

We cleaned both our paddocks thoroughly for the first time on the weekend, in total it took us four hours and about 9-10 loads. If we had tried to do this with a fork, quad and small trailer, we would still be going two weeks later. It sucks up every last vestige.

Three of our neighbours were well pleased to get several loads of horse manure in an already useable form, because the vac breaks up the manure so well, no matter the age.

My husband, who as you know I had a lot of trouble convincing, thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread and well worth the investment.

This marvelous invention will save us so much hassle and back breaking work and will make it so much easier to keep on top of this chore and hopefully we will gain some useable paddock back.

I would be happy to demo to any potential customers.


I have rung my friend and told her how great it is and she said that she had rang you some time ago so she is now considering purchasing one from you too which is great. I am emailing those who I know with horses trainers etc and highly recommending they purchase this vac as it is a must have for those with horses.

Again the packaging was extremely well thought out and it arrived without a scratch so impressed. Sometimes when I have had things shipped they have not been so well packed and have arrived damaged but you have excelled in this area and I would like you to note that on your website so that OTHERS WHO MAY HAVE THIS CONCERN don’t have to worry from your end that it will be packed accordingly and should arrive safe and sound.

Kind Regards


Hi there, just thought I’d let you know we received the maxi vac yesterday and have spent all this morning vacuuming our paddocks! Wow, why didn’t we get one of these years ago? How easy. My husband vacuumed while I drove. It was almost a family affair with our son telling daddy where he missed the poo. So a great way to get the family together on a beautiful Saturday morning. The only thing is because I have such a bad back and can no longer rake manure, our paddocks are way over due so it’s going to take us a while to get through them all. But having a boutique equestrian centre where I teach, train and sell horses on behalf of clients, I always have people walking around the property. So it’s really important to have it spick and span. And now it will be.

And the best thing is my husband being the perfectionist, is really fussy with equipment like this so he had to do his usual of going over it with a fine tooth comb looking for imperfections, and I tell you he is very impressed. He even commented on the black plastic caps on the end of the rods having Greystone marked on them. He said not even his business does that! So a big thumbs up. It had every horse on the property staring at us wondering what we were doing but hard work…. no more.

Sorry to go on, but we think it’s great and thought you should know.

Thanks again for all your help



Hi Guy’s, We received the Paddock Vac last week and have used it a few times already. It is a better machine by far than the one we borrowed that was manufactured in England..



Just a quick note to thank you for my Paddock Vac.
I cannot tell you how pleased I am. It was so wonderful to have

a) a product that was delivered on the day promised
b) a product that works as you said it would – it really does.
c) that really is easy start – even for my tiny frame. I am astounded.
d) that really really does clean up anything – dry, wet, long grass, short grass, chicken, dog, llama, alpaca poo, straw, flood water, amazing!!!
e) that is easy to clean – just hose it out – no difficult to reach parts…
f) that is easy to tip – even for me – even when full
g) that fit in my car like you said it would

I cannot believe that every single person who has livestock doesn’t have one. I was using it this morning, cleaning up the flooded and very stinky chicken yard and wishing I had one two years ago when our home was flooded severely. This would have made much lighter work of the massive clean up.

Congratulations on your customer service and a terrific product. I quite simply didn’t think this kind of service and product still existed.



Many thanks, we are extremely happy with our paddock vac, we used it all day Saturday and Sunday, fantastic time saver.