All New Paddock Vac (400 Ltrs Or 3-4 Barrows)


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  • The most effective way to pick up all types of manure leaving no residual 
  • Horses, alpacas, goats, rabbits & Zoo’s all suited
  • Reduce worm counts & fly infestation naturally the more you vacuum
  • Long or short grass, wet or dry
  • Wet manure is still also vacuumed with ease – no down time unlike suction machines
  • Forget heavy manual labour – point the nozzle and manure disappears in seconds
  • Nut and grain collection – we can reduce the hose to a 4″ diameter to provide a longer 8m hose for better reach under trees and silo’s
  • Special includes our 7” wide wheel upgrade, paddock friendly in wet weather
  • Australian Made Hose upgrade to 2.5m or add another metre for $75 extra if you have a buggy to tow with
  • Paddock Vac Cover now available as an optional extra – also Made In Australia
  • 3 way tipping action on the frame to empty simply unlock back door and tip
  • Pick up in all conditions wet or dry – we can still vacuum manure in a puddle of water and take the water away as well. Suction is so strong you will be amazed you can even empty the water troughs
  • Other uses are endless – nut collection / leaves / pine cones / tan bark / shavings for stables / golf balls / tennis balls / clean the chook pen / post hole dirt / grain / feed – the list continues to grow!
  • A-Grade Polyethylene with UV protection for harsh Australian conditions
  • 3-4 Wheel barrow capacity
  • Easy start 50 cc Honda 4 Stroke motor has minimal maintenance requirements
  • Any Honda power equipment dealer can assist with warranty in your area and all Greystone parts are available on our spare parts page
  • Tow behind ride on mower, quad, buggy or small tractor – we can supply drop pin or tow ball coupler
  • Powder coated steel frames with tipping action to empty, simply unlock back door and tip out debris!
  • Made and designed in Australia since 2005 – we also export to USA, Europe, Scandinavia and New Zealand
  • 3 Year HONDA Warranty Australia Wide* We are fully approved by HONDA Australia
  • *Please note 3 year Honda motor warranty conditions apply to Australia only – purchasers in countries other than Australia should refer to their local distributor for warranty conditions
  • View other videos: how to empty vacuum, etc.


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Product Description



Our mid-sized machine suits most clients with 1 to 6 horses, or up to 20 alpacas.

Built in our Australian manufacturing plant using A-grade polyethylene for durability and fitted with powder coated steel frames and wheels, our machines are built to exacting standards.

They will allow you to vacuum manure in all conditions; wet or dry, long or short grass. You can also remove wet patches in stalls and empty the water troughs!

Our vacuums dump the manure into the main body and only return air passes through our Honda 4 stroke motor. This allows you to pick up soaking wet manure with ease as nothing can stick to the fan of the motor.

Clients are also using our vacuums to empty water troughs, pick up leaves, hedge clippings, wood shavings, trash, broken glass, walnuts, chestnuts, macadamias, feathers, dog droppings, pig slurry, soil from newly dug fence post holes, grain from around commercial silos – the list continues to grow.

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Storage Capacity 400 Ltr
Length 1400mm
Height 1000mm
Width 850mm
Weight 65kg
Hose Diameter 5″ (127MM)
Hose and Nozzle Length 3.2mtrs
Engine Capacity (CC) 50CC / 2.1HP
Fuel Type Regular Unleaded Fuel
Fuel Tank Size 1.27Ltrs
Oil 10W / 30 API SG
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