Yard Vac (200 Ltrs Or 1-2 Barrows)


New stock arriving in 2024!

  • Makes cleaning easy – a must have for any farm or acreage!
  • Push around model so no need for tow vehicle
  • 1-2 wheel barrow capacity
  • 2 metre hose + 1.2 metre nozzle gives a 3.2m reach
  • Great for day yards and stables – take out wet patches in seconds
  • Vacuuming manure regularly will reduce worm infestation in your livestock
  • Easy nut collection from base of trees where harvester cannot reach
  • Vacuum leaves and hedge clippings
  • Clean the chicken coop with ease
  • Pick up tennis balls, golf balls, and spent rifle shells
  • Empty water troughs and water features by pointing the nozzle in and out of the water
  • Made in Australia using A-Grade polyethylene with UV protection
  • Our vacuum hoses are Made In Australia
  • Pick up in all conditions, wet or dry
  • Long or short grass the vacuum will hunt out the manure for you
  • Easy start 25cc Honda 4 Stroke motor with 2-year Honda warranty
  • Visit our testimonial page or download our Yard Vac brochure.
Storage Capacity 200 Ltr
Length 1200mm
Height 860mm
Width 800mm
Weight 35kg
Hose Diameter 4″ (105MM)
Hose and Nozzle Length 3.2mtr
Engine Capacity (CC) 22CC
Fuel Type Regular Unleaded Fuel
Fuel Tank Size 1.27Ltr
Oil 10W / 30 API SG
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+Can I pick up wet manure?
+Can I pick up from my tow vehicle?
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