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These letters below are simply some of the emails sent to us by our wonderful customers – we really we do appreciate their kind comments!

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Just a quick note to let you know that I loooove my arena rake! I have a mix of wood chip and rubber so it is quite light weight and moves around the arena with use and wind. The edger is such a fantastic feature and saves my back which I rejoice in every time I use it. I used the rake a couple of times before we had a heavy downpour a couple of days after I received it and there was not a sign of a water track on the arena or any movement of the surface. I was able to put it together using your easy instructions and it is tucked away after use to keep it shiny and new as suggested. Thanks again.
Toolern Vale, Vic

I recently purchased the Arena Rake, it has improved my Dressage Arena 100%. As a Dressage Coach it is essential that I have a smooth/level arena surface for my clients and also my own Dressage horses. The Arena Rake is easy to use, it fills in the outer tracks and levels the corners, which in the past have been a nightmare to rake by hand! I have two Dressage Arena’s – river sand and also a woodchip/sawdust mix. The Arena Rake does an excellent job of grading and levelling both types of surface. I highly recommend the Arena Rake, it is simple to use and female friendly! Alison L,
N.C.A.S Level 2 Coach, B.H.S.A.I
Henley Brook Dressage Centre,

We recently purchased a Greystone Arena Rake. On first use it easily evened out significant tractor ruts caused by moving sand around our arena. With only two passes of the rake a very professional finish of the arena surface was achieved. The surface presented very well the next day for the Dressage Clinic sponsored by the Hanoverian Society of Australia. It was very satisfying to see our arena being enjoyed by other riders. I’m very pleased with the results achieved and am currently discussing with David from Greystone possible adjustments which could be made to the design to improve it even more. Trevor C,
New World Warmbloods,
Torryburn, NSW

Let me start by letting you know how very annoyed I am with Greystone for not coming up with this rake YEARS AGO!!!!!!

It arrived on Wednesday last week and as I am not the most patient of people, I couldn’t wait for my husband to get home – I assembled it straight away. Easy, less than an hour with the help of 1x spanner and 1x multigrips.

For 20 years I have risked life and limb, fingers and toes putting a grader blade onto our tractor to groom the arena, often putting the job off as it was just too hard.

So it was utter joy to dump the blade off the tractor and put on the Greystone Arena Rake.
It is so rare in these times to find something that meets expectations, but to purchase something that exceeded our expectations like your product has – Exceptional!

  1. It went together exactly as per the instructions – 1st time.
  2. Setting the desired level took moments and so very simple to do.
  3. Grooming the arena takes 10 minutes, not hours. The added bonus of saving valuable time and much less fuel used.
  4. The Greystone Rake is so light, especially compared to the grader blade, therefore much less wear and tear on the tractor.
  5. The effect of the Rake on the arena was immediately apparent.
  6. Incredibly easy to use and far superior to previous method. (Warning – it may become addictive to groom arena!)

So, when my husband saw your Rake down at Dressage with the Stars 09 and announced to me that purchasing the Rake would be the best money ever spent at a horse competition – I rolled my eyes and said, “we’ll see”.
But I am very willing to admit in writing (this once) that HE WAS RIGHT!
Well done Greystone Team, I look forward to many happy years using your Rake.


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