What can I tow with?

Our machines are supplied with a tow coupler to suit a 2” or 50mm tow ball. Paddock Vacs can also be hitched using a towing drop pin. Most clients use riding mowers, quad bikes or small tractors.

How do I empty the vacuum?

Simply unclip the rear door buckles, secure supplied door strap to the hook on the roof and use tipping action to empty with ease.

Is the motor easy to start?

Yes, the Honda 4 stroke motor has a very light pull start.

Do I have to mix fuel?

No, our Honda 4 stroke motor uses regular unleaded petrol and is environmentally friendly.

How long does a tank of fuel last?

Anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Will it pick up in stalls?

Yes, our machines can pick up manure from shavings with minimal loss of bedding, wet patches are easily vacuumed in seconds.

Can I pick up from sand and gravel?

Yes, you can adjust the Honda revs to take just the manure from the ground by hovering the nozzle over the manure.

Can I pick up wet manure?

Yes, even if the manure is in a puddle our powerful vacuums will remove the manure and the puddle.

Can I pick up from my tow vehicle?

Yes, both models are designed to be used from your tow vehicle. Simply drive beside the manure pile and point the collection nozzle at the manure to remove it in seconds. Place the nozzle on your legs while driving between piles.

What maintenance will the vacuum require?

The vacuum bodies can be hosed out after use, it is also good to vacuum a bucket of water to rinse the hose after use – this will reduce acid build up and prolong hose life. The Honda motor will need a regular oil change – after the first 10 hours of use and every 50 hours after that.

What is the motor breaks down?

Local Honda power equipment dealers or your local repair shop can assess any motor damage and repair if necessary.

Where can I buy spare parts?

Being Australian Made, all parts are available from our warehouse direct.

Spare Parts