Well like everybody says I should have got the Vac years ago. It is so easy to use and does a fantastic job every time. My husband who was very sceptical at first is fighting me now to do the poo pick up with the vac.
Thanks for a great product. Well worth the money.
Kind Regards, Manuela
Sylvie M
I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you. What a fantastic product. I got my paddock vac and started using it as soon as it was unwrapped. So easy to put together, start and operate. I’ve never enjoyed picking up poo as much as I do now. It works just like in your videos. I’ve used it on short grass, extremely long grass and on sand and it was outstanding. I highly recommend the purchase of the paddock vac. We don’t say WOOHOO at our place anymore. It’s now POOHOO.
Barb P
I live in Alberta, Canada and am a 56 year young woman who decided to purchase a Maxivac after 7 years of cleaning my pastures with a pitch fork and trailer. One sunny day I was busy cleaning my pasture and all of a sudden turned and my back went out!  In retrospect, it was the best thing that could of happened because that’s when I decided to look at a different way to do things.  I had tried an attachment that you dragged behind the ATV which was suppose to pick it up but it didn’t work very well especially in the long grass.  I took a leap of faith after researching your product and reading multiple reviews both on and off your website.  Three words come to mind after having used the Maxivac,,, AMAZING, TIME SAVING, VERSATILE!!!  This product delivers on every word it says!  What use to take me a day is done in an hour, freeing up time for me to do other things, like riding.  I used it in long grass, short grass, with fresh manure, old manure and none of it presented a problem.  I used it to suck out my water troughs which made cleaning them a breeze!  I pick up old hay with it to clean up an area and again no problem. I even used it to pick up apples from my apple tree that had fallen and were not going to be used!  It a well put together product, it looks good, it’s easy to use, comes with great instructions on the use of the Honda motor.  Thank you for being a company that delivers on it’s promise!  I’ve been telling everyone I know and my husband is sold on it as well!!
Mary McLellan

Thanks, I will let them know. Have tried the fence !! “HE” was going to escape when the hay was eaten BUT didn’t see the white cord with charger on !!! yep, got zappes and stood in the middle like a naughty school boy! So of to a comp this weekend to try it out. Many thanks. My husband has breathed a sigh of relief because i’ve been up his ribs for some more panels as the others got sold with the last gooseneck, he’s off the hock now,,,well for awhile anyway !! Thanks again


I’m most impressed with my new travel fence. It was really easy to set up & looks great on the side of my float.
I have a recently broken in youngster that is really not too keen on beong tied up to her float so i really needed something that was lightweight, quick and easy to set up for her. -The Travel Fence provided all of that and is secure too.
Great product, great service – will dfinately recommend this product to friends and will be showing it off at an ODE in three weeks time.
Thank you for your great service.

Sharon Currie (BSW) MAASW (Acc)

Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery for the post of the travel fence, I received it on the 1st April.
thanks so much,we are very happy with our fence and have recommend it to a couple of friends here in WA.


Melinda Flaherty

Thanks for the great service, the fance is a great product,
Thanks Again

Joan, Toolern Vale, Vic

Just a quick note to let you know that I loooove my arena rake! I have a mix of wood chip and rubber so it is quite light weight and moves around the arena with use and wind. The edger is such a fantastic feature and saves my back which I rejoice in every time I use it. I used the rake a couple of times before we had a heavy downpour a couple of days after I received it and there was not a sign of a water track on the arena or any movement of the surface. I was able to put it together using your easy instructions and it is tucked away after use to keep it shiny and new as suggested. Thanks again.


My Greystone paddock vac has been the best thing I have bought for my horses. Where I was spending 2 hours hand raking and pulling a barrow up a hill, I can now do the same amount in ½ hour. It is fantastic on hilly terrain. I now have more time enjoying my horses. Thank you so much for a great machine that starts first go always.